Operational Hours
Monday – Saturday 07.30 – 17.00 WIB


Jl. Dr. Cipto Mangunkusumo, No. 1, Sekupang, Batam


0778-324391 (IGD)
0778-327629 (iSTEMI)



The Psychology Clinic focuses on behavioural problems and mental health issues being faced by the patient.

Psychology Polyclinic Activities


The Psychology Clinic functions in two main areas, namely Assessment, and Counseling and Psychotherapy.


ASSESSMENT or measurement of psychological competence, such as through individual and group psychological tests for purposes including tracing of interests and talents, intelligence, and other psychological tests according to patient requirements.

Services performed:

  • Causes of learning difficulties
  • Recommended primary school entry
  • Selection of accelerated programs
  • Assessment of children with special needs
  • Assessment of interest and talent for high school majors
  • Assessment of interest and aptitude for college majors
  • Interest and aptitude assessment for career selection
  • Personality profile assessment for work
  • Assessment of personality profiles for health


COUNSELING and PSYCHOTHERAPY offers various forms of Clinical Intervention, to help the patient, in terms of thought patterns (cognitive), feelings (affective), and behavior (behavioural) in order to achieve psychological well-being for clients.

Services performed:

  • Individual Counseling and Therapy
    Helping patients to improve self-understanding (self-awareness) related to the problems they face, helping patients to develop according to their chosen direction and be able to solve problems and be ready to face any crisis.
  • Family Counseling and Therapy
    Improve interaction patterns between members so that families function better.
  • Marital Counseling and Therapy (Couple Therapy)
    Helping couples who are faced with problems related to husband and wife to improve effective communication skills and problem-solving abilities.
  • Prenuptial Counseling and Therapy
    Helping couples who are getting married to prepare themselves psychologically for married life and family
  • Career Counseling and Therapy
    Helping patients to choose and plan jobs according to their potential and interests. Helping patients solve problems related to work stress.
  • Department Selection Counseling (High School or College)
    Helping patients to choose and plan courses according to their potential and interests.
  • Learning Difficulties Counseling and Psychotherapy
    Helping patients solve problems related to learning difficulties at school or college.
  • Rehabilitation Psychology
    Improve the patient’s ability to overcome mental disorders, reduce weaknesses, enable clients to live again in the community.
  • Psychosomatic Counseling and Psychotherapy
    Helping patients reduce and heal psychological stress that results in physical illness.
  • Counseling and Traumatic Therapy
    Helps eliminate the causes of psychological trauma.
  • Child Development Counseling and Psychotherapy
    Helping parents understand children’s development according to their age and apply appropriate parenting styles.
  • Adolescent Developmental Psychotherapy and Counseling
    Helping adolescents understand themselves and overcome their problems.


Our Psychology Clinic facilities:

  • Examination room for clinical visits
  • Classical and individual test rooms
  • Complete psychodiagnostic equipment