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Medical Technology: CT Scan 128 Slices

CT Scan 128 Slices

The CT Scan is able to produce excellent image quality with a sharp contrast. The radiation dose is low when compared to other conventional CT scans, providing a safer procedure. For virtual colonoscopy or colonoscopy, it is possible to only use the CT scanning imaging tools without the use of a colonoscopy tool. With a virtual colonoscopy, patients do not need to be afraid and uncomfortable when asked by the clinician to perform a colonoscopy examination.
Angiography is able to produce a picture of the arteries and veins throughout the body.

CT-SCAN 128 Slice can be used for a variety of examinations, including:

  • Angiography (examination of blood vessels)
  • Brain (evaluation of stroke, infarction, hemorrhagic stroke, infection, tumor, head injury)
  • Chest cavity (lung, tumor, infection, mediastinal abnormality, large blood vessel disorders)
  • Abdominal cavity (abnormalities in the liver, bile ducts, kidneys, spleen, pancreas, intestines, and examination of blood vessels)
  • ENT (paranasal sinuses, evaluation of inner ear)
  • Orthopedics (bone tumors, infections, trauma)

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